July 5-7 & a Quick Trip Home

July 9, Sunday, Burlington Vermont

Missed posting for a few days once we decided to take a quick trip home from Burlington Vt.  Here’s the catch up…

July 5,  Wednesday- Lake Champlain Maritime Museum, Ferrisburg, Vt

We traveled north east up the lake to visit the Lake Champlain Maritime Museum and enjoyed the varied displays and historical information.  There was a building dedicated canoes and small boats of all sorts, another to the revolutionary battles on Lake Champlain, and a replica of a ship the fought in 1776 was really fascinating. Forty-four men living on a ship smaller than ours with no roof, and battling the British. Very hard to imagine.


July 6,  Thursday- Burlington, VT

We decided to head to a marina or mooring and go home for a few days to check mail and  see Wesley. To save a bit of money, we decided to opt for a mooring ball in Burlington harbor, although that was still $40/night! As we moved along Dirk noticed the depth – amazing! Four hundred plus feet!IMG_4670

We were somewhat surprised by rough waters and wind which weren’t too bad while moving north but were challenging when docking to get fuel. And even more exciting as we headed to mooring balls in the Burlington Vermont harbor.



How do you catch a mooring ball? Lean over boat railing while extending a boat hook (gaff pole) to catch a mooring flag, while holding a bow line, while wind blows and boat bounces up and down, while missing all the other moored boats that seem too close. Try and miss 8+ times.  Get help from very kind and older and energetic Canadian sailboat neighbor who jumped in his dinghy, took my rope, passed it through the mooring ball loop, and threw the rope back to me. Thank-you!

(Examples of other boaters trying to grab the mooring ball…)

Next: Our dinghy. The dinghy is never easy to get set up for a journey because Dirk has to lift the heavy 5hp motor and place on the wiggling dinghy  transom, but in spite of the bouncing surf he got it ready. We loaded the dinghy with items to take to Stow (dirty clothes, some food that would go bad), motored over to thank our neighbor and headed to the Burlington Boathouse dinghy dock. More fun! We were tying up to the dock and a tourist schooner came in and almost mowed us down. After that we moved the dinghy to another area, secured it and called Enterprise car rental. Four hours later we were home!

July 7, Friday to July 9,  Sunday: Caught up on bills, visited people, spent time with Wesley and the dog and cat, washed clothes, enjoyed Sunday’s summer church service and packed up to return to the boat. We arrived around 6 pm, bailed out the dinghy, traveled to the boat and are gently rocking in our boat again.  Burlington harborside is quite lovely tonight.

One thought on “July 5-7 & a Quick Trip Home

  1. Some beautiful pictures, Pat. I do like this part of the word and when you got to Lake Champlain feel an AAAH! coming on.
    A toilet on a boat is called “the head.” Don’t ask me why.
    Were you ever able to able to watch the video of Sen John Culver at Ted Kennedy’s memorial service. Hilarious! If not, will try to send again.

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