Now in Surf City!

May 15, Monday, ICW MM 264; Surf City

Surf City may have been a crazy, happening place at one time, but what we saw today was a beautiful, mostly empty beach with summer cottages along it. The fancier places were back away from the beach here, or on the rivers.

Early in the day we passed by a dredging operation on our section of the river. We are happy to see this since shoaling and going aground are constant issues for us boaters.


And then after a pretty long day on the water  we found a wonderful anchorage within walking distance to the ocean! Dirk agreed to wrestle with the dingy and we found a small road (not driveway) that seemed to not be owned by anyone, beached the dingy and walked across the street to the ocean! Yea! I finally got to an ocean beach! And swam in it as well. And later there was a great sunset to cap it all off.






2 thoughts on “Now in Surf City!

  1. So enjoying following you on your journey! Thanks so much for taking the time to share with all of us. Looking forward to seeing you soon!

  2. cool photos – I’m in surf city – really like all your posts from south of here – interesting photos and captions thanks

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