Enjoying Grandson!

March 7 – 14, Lantana, Fl

My daughter asked us in January if we could take care of Arden while she and Chris went to a wedding in North Carolina and of course I said “of course!”.  As a result, last Wednesday we first headed 3 hours north to Tarpon Springs and had lunch with our good friends Kris and Roger, next, Dirk went to the dentist to have a permanent cap installed from his emergency dental visit, and then we drove about 5 hours to Sarah and Chris’s house in Lantana, a bit south of West Palm Beach.

I surprised our grandson Arden in the morning when he started making some noises, and then proceeded to have a great time with him for the long weekend. Sarah and Chris left Friday morning and came back late Monday afternoon and I thoroughly enjoyed taking Arden to parks, making pancakes with him, and playing in the backyard, etc. Arden is full of energy and charm and made both of us laugh.


Just a few photos of joy follow. We are now back in Cape Coral and leave to head south tomorrow.


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