Cape Coral and Surrounds

March 2 through 5 – Friday through Tuesday in the Cape Coral area

Last Thursday evening we traveled up the Chattahoochee River toward Ft Myers, but took a turn north to Cape Coral where our friends Rick and Eleanor Gentleman from Acton Mass were renting a house on a canal off of the Chattahoochee river. Their rental has a dock and even a marine electrical outlet. Note: Rick and I are twins from different mothers – we share a birthday and year!

We’ve been tied up their dock since last Thursday, and are enjoying the area very much. Not only do we have a place for the boat, but we are also  staying in their guest room  – such comfort! It was perfect timing because (1) we need to head back to Tarpon Springs area tomorrow afternoon so Dirk can finish his emergency crown replacement started up there and (2) then we are taking care of our grandson in Lantana FL while Sarah and Chris (daughter/son-in-law) go to a wedding for the weekend. So we were able to relax while Eleanor and Rick took us to local activities like an art walk, farmers market, the Irish Fest, the artsy town of Matlacha,  and beaches to see sunsets in Cape Coral and Fort Myers beach and to visit the Edison museum in Fort Myers.

The Irish Fest:


Famous artist (Leoma Lovegrove) shop in Matlacha


Cape Coral public Yacht Club


Fort Myer Beach


We later walked along the long pier at the beach and then found a place for dinner. (Never go to Nervous Nellies! Horrendous service!!!!)


Visited the Edison Museum in Fort Myers: Edison and Henry Ford had winter homes next to each other on the river, while Edison conducted research in his labs to find a source for artificial rubber. His lab grew and analyzed 100’s of tropical plants including banyan trees such as this massive tree planted around 1905.

Note: I’m sitting next to his second wife, Mina, who donated the Edison summer home, gardens and labs to the city of Fort Myers. The water sculpture is in the butterfly garden on the grounds of the museum.

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