Were caught by the north wind!

Blog for February 2, 2018 Friday

We have been hearing about the evil north wind and felt it on the docks in Mobile, but yesterday it caught up to us on the boat in the Choctawhatchee Sound. We anchored the night before in a calm area on the south shore since the wind was coming at a few knots from the south. We woke up at 4am with the boat tossing us around, a bit more than just rocking the cradle, though I tried to convince myself of that so I could get back to sleep!

We waited until daylight and started heading northeast, hoping the waves would improve but we were in 3-4 foot waves with a 15-20 knot wind. It was going to start hitting us broadside if we followed the  chart, to we changed course, headed straight north to Rocky Bayou Inlet and (thanks to Active Captain) found an amazingly calm little bay where we spend the rest of the day reading and napping!

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