Panama City Marina

February 3 & 4, 2018, Saturday and Superbowl Sunday

The bay calmed down a bit after the previous day’s excitement and we began our journey eastward again. At first it was a little rough and we piloted from inside, slightly hampered by salt on the large windshield. Can you see the swells?


The winds died down during our travels through the next long canal, which is locally called the Grand Canyon.


Since these canals and bays are salt water there are dolphins living here and seem to enjoying following boat wakes now and then. I caught one dolphin on film, just his fin, and I was happy to get that. And then later another dolphin joined us for about 15 minutes, just surfing on the port side of the boat, either just barely under the water or popping up for air. Wow!


We had planned to anchor out on Saturday night, but saw rain & wind in the forecast for Sunday morning, so we pushed ahead to our planned Sunday night marina a day early – the Panama City Marina. We were happy to be in port and have electricity again (and heat) and to walk around and get some exercise after three days on the boat. We found a great family Mexican restaurant and relaxed in quiet warmth  for the night.

Superbowl Sunday started out rainy but cleared up by noon.  It was a good day for chores so I did laundry and bought a few provisions in town (mostly snacks for watching the superbowl)  and Dirk changed the oil in the engines. Here are some photos from the town (including a crazy, fun store) and the marina at sunset – just before the game.

We were hoping to watch the game at a sports bar in town, but there weren’t any open. So we relayed on the marina wifi streamed from NBC, but it stopped many times and we were missing plays. Finally we gave up, tethered the iphone to the ipad, and used our Verizon data. It was worth it – what a game! We should have won (2 questionable touchdown calls) but it was worth almost running out of data for the month. I called verizon wireless this morning and upped the data enough to get though the month.


2 thoughts on “Panama City Marina

  1. The only reason the dolphins were playing in the grand canyon was because they weren’t playing in the Super Bowl. HA!

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