Cold Weather and our Marina

January 13, Saturday; Turner Marine in Mobile

While we were gone for a month+ our air conditioning system which also provides heat was worked on. We have heat and AC!  Today we confirmed that the heat in the boat works wonderfully and that’s good, because the high today was 40 and it’s going down to 29 tonight. Not only that, but the wind is blowing from the north, and when that happens in Mobile Bay the water disappears – blows south out to the ocean! Some boats are now partially sitting in mud and our boat is at least a foot lower in the water than yesterday. Weird – but normal around here I guess. Here are photos of the bay across the road from the marina. All the mud you can see was fully covered by at least a foot or more yesterday.

As I walked back to the boat I decided to take a picture of our laundry – it’s probably not what you imagine when you think of a marina laundry – it’s outdoors and in a little nook. The marina office is upstairs across the way and a comfortable and warm place to visit this week.

Did I mention that it is pretty challenging to climb on the boat? We are next to a finger pier – a very short pier that just barely reaches the boat. So we balance one leg on the ledge and climb over the canvas railing to get on board. Good thing we have long legs. It’s tricky but we are getting good at it.

Yesterday was even colder so we checked to make sure we had enough water in our tanks for the weekend – we didn’t! We started using the marina water to refill the tanks and the hose soon started spitting air – they were blowing air through all the water systems to prevent frozen faucets, hoses, etc. since the temp was going down to 20 degrees overnight.  We went to the office to request that they put the water back on for us, but instead they were able to connect our hoses and some additional ones they brought down to one of the owners houses nearby and let us get water that way.

We brought out our favorite cookies – dark chocolate stars from Trader Joes and Maple Leaf cookies from Canada to the four guys that were helping us and they liked them as much as we do. We really appreciated the marina doing that for us.



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