A Day in New Orleans

Thursday, November 16, Mobile to New Orleans

We locked up our boat and left it for the rest of the year. It will be in good hands at Turner Marine, but was hard to leave it knowing we’ll be gone for so long (until after the Christmas holidays).

We drove right to the French Quarter in New Orleans,  parked and walked around the area for about 4 hours. The Market area was full of enticing goodies – especially attractive after doing very little gift-type shopping this year.  I also realized that this was the first time I’ve walked around New Orleans during  daytime – my trips here were always for conferences and we only had the evenings off so it was it was great to walk down so many streets and enjoy the French architecture. Dirk’s priority was to have a beignet and latte at Cafe du Monde and we enjoyed that treat.

We fly home tomorrow, so no more boat blog for a while – until January 5th or so. Thanks for following along with us. Happy Holidays!

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