Visited Shiloh Military National Park

November 3, Friday Grand Harbor Marina, Luka, MS

While staying at the large Grand Harbor Marina, Dirk and I and our boating friend Todd were able use a courtesy car to travel to Shiloh National Park where significant Civil War Battles took place over 3 days in 1862 and thousands of young men from both sides died. The national park was started by veterans from both sides of the war later in the 1800s and highlights the battles sites with explanations of the action that took place. At the visitor center we first watched an excellent 45 minute film that explained the significance of the battles in terms of impact on the eventual outcome of the Civil War and included re-enactments of many of the battles. It was a very moving experience. Then we toured the expansive grounds in the car, stopping to read markers and take pictures.

In the evening we said hello to three more looper couples traveling together, and it turned out that one couple, Paul and Tammy, were with us when we were stuck in Whitehall NY for 3 extra days due to flooding on the Champlain Canal! Amazing how we can meet up with people after so long. And then there was a nice sunset…








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