Now on the Tenn-Tom in Fulton, MS

November 4, Saturday  – 55 miles and 3 locks to Fulton Mississippi

We started early, prepared for a long day, particularly due to the three locks that we needed to pass through on the way. Fortunately there is less barge traffic and we were able to move in and out of the locks fairly easily. The first lock lowered the boat about 90 feet from the level of the Tennessee River! Now we are joining the Tom Bigbee waterway that heads toward Mobile Al.

It was sunny during part of the morning and so we could appreciate some fall colors as well as other scenery as we traveled in rivers, lakes and canals to today’s marina.

This very nice Midway Marina had a courtesy car so we treated ourselves to an excellent Mexican meal. Then we returned so I could use their marina lounge and wifi to catch up on this blog.:)

One thought on “Now on the Tenn-Tom in Fulton, MS

  1. Mississippi! Lots of photos, please. A state that is rumored to have beautiful scenery. The river, as seen on the map, has lots of twists and turns!

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