Tennessee and Mississippi and soon Alabama

November 1 & 2, Wednesday and Thursday; From Cuba Marina (Waverly TN) to Clifton Marina (Clifton, TN) and then Grand Harbor Marina (Luka, Miss)

We are now just over the border into Mississippi from Tennessee and very close to Alabama as well. The Grand Harbor Marina is on Yellow Creek off of the Tennessee River just below Pickwick Lake which is also the Tennessee River. Trying to find all these names on maps is a challenge, even for us. Here’s an overview, where the red dots are Green Turtle Bay and the Green Dots are the beginning of Pickwick Lake and the Tenn-Tom waterway. The other map show the Tennessee Tom Bigbee waterway through to Mobile AL.

As we left Cuba Harbor on Wednesday there was what we think is a beautiful cypress – we saw a few more during the day.

We traveled along Kentucky Lake to Clifton Harbor and we are seeing more homes now, built far back from the river some with nice landscaping that reminds me of what we haven’t done with our house and our lakeside wall.

Again cloudy but slightly warmer day. Colorful cliffs, a hill! (It’s been fairly flat for a while.)

Clifton Harbor Marina is tucked into a small bay on the river and easy to miss, but we are glad we stopped there, along with 7 other transients heading south. There were loopers to chat with and a nice covered patio with a TV, which came in handy because it was World Series night and some friends from Houston were very happy they could see their victory.  We took a ride to see the historic town, but although buildings are nice it was pretty empty. Seven of us ate at a diner near the marina as there weren’t any open restaurants in town.

Here’s the Clifton marina with our friends’ boats, Sangri-la and Miss Lily, as we left this morning.

Thursday is a cloudy day but definitely getting warmer as we head south. More interesting scenery with houses and striated rocks and caves. Dirk pointed out a deer swimming on the river – and the deer couldn’t find a way out due to the rock walls! I hope he finally succeeded.

Also I am struck by homes that seem to sit on land above the river with nothing apparent behind it. Is there another river or lake? Farmland? Sometimes we can’t see trees or anything else beyond the houses. The erratic height of the river and erosion was apparent in this area.



We went through the Pickwick Dam which is the official end of Kentucky Lake. Shangri-la and two other boaters in the lock are behind us and a barge was in front of us, but we got around it!

Once in Pickwick Lake we immediately saw the difference in living styles with large, more elegant homes along the water and up on the hills.

We saw a number of homes on the cliffs with docks far down below. Do you wonder how they climb the 200-300 feet of stairs? No problem – these homes have funiculars! I saw a half dozen or them in the 4 miles between the lock and our marina! You can’t see much of the tracks behind the white decks but they are there in this last photo.


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