Cuba! (Marina)

October 31, Tuesday and Happy Halloween

We traveled about 50 miles to Cuba Marina, in Waverly TN, on Kentucky Lakes, which is a facility of the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA). The marina seems to be set up to only accommodate a few transient boaters like us but they do have 6 long docks with covered slips on both sides for local boaters. Shangra La from our last stop is also here and Ron came by for a trick or treat! We traded Dirk’s delicious Canadian maple cookies for some nice chocolate candies.

The day started cold but warmed up to about 55 (!) and we were dressed for it.

The lake continues to be beautiful, long and large. What a great summer recreational area! Most of the lake seems to be uninhabited but we saw some homes and even a little industry along the way today.

We docked around 4pm and we have already done a load of laundry, cooked and eaten dinner, washed dishes and it is 7:15! Maybe Cribbage? And we’ve got lots of books and even some movies, so no problema.





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