Green Turtle Bay & Patti’s

October 25, Wednesday Green Turtle Bay (GTB)

A quick recap… We’ve just navigated rivers I’ve heard and sung about and here we are. We went from the Mississippi (purple)  to the Ohio River (orange) to the Cumberland River (green) and now we are in Grand Rivers, a town between two lakes (Kentucky and Barkley and the beginning of an amazing wilderness area).

Inkedmiss to kent lk cr_LIInked

After a great on-site marina cafe breakfast (pecan pancakes for me) we got the ok to move our boat to the transient area and, with the help of our friends, are now with the rest of the late loopers! During the day we met a few more travelers and others came in from previous stops. Interesting to be getting to know more loopers on the part of the trip when I thought we’d be the last ones! Here are a few Green Turtle Bay photos – more to come.

Yesterday was a catch-up day, on laundry, food and Dirk changed the oil. Our reward was great though. A group of us (11) were picked up by a Patti’s Restaurant van and had a wonderful dinner in a very beautiful restaurant, elaborately decorated for Christmas already.  They are known for pork chops and outrageous desserts, but have many other excellent choices. We ate too much but oh well!

The desserts were over the top and wonderful:  mile high lemon meringue and Kentucky chocolate pecan pie.




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