Passed the Arch then to Hoppies in Kimmswick

October 18, Wednesday; Down the Mississippi past St.Louis to Kimmswick, MO

Tonight we are staying on the west side of the Mississippi River in Missouri at the famous Hoppies Marina. Hoppies is famous not because of its facilities (old barges), but because (1) it is the only marina for about 200 miles between the Alton IL marina we just left and the next (Peducah Kentucky) marina and (2)  because one of the owners, Fern, provides boaters with suggested safe anchorages for the next part of the journey.

This morning we first moved to the Alton Marina fuel dock for diesel and a pump out and then were joined by two other boats to go through the lock just a half mile away. After a few hours we saw the St. Louis Arch in the distance and then we were right there in front of it.

I loved getting the straight on  photo from the front of the boat with the Old Courthouse behind the Arch.


I had to go to the front of the boat to spot logs for Dirk to avoid – there was an amazing amount of logs, branches and wood in the water as we passed though the waterfront and beyond.

The river became slowly less industrial in the next few hours.

All our three boats arrived at the Hoppie Marina within a half hour of each other, tied up and looked around. The marina consists of a barges tied together along the river and is rough, but the dock hands are excellent and the river advice we received was very valuable since it is up-to-date. However there are no facilities at all but they do have fuel.

A bonus is that the small town nearby has a popular Cajun Smokehouse restaurant where we all shared a good meal, and a semi-famous restaurant and bakery called The Blue Owl (home of the Levee High Apple Pie!). We may check that out tomorrow.

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