Really Leaving Alton Tomorrow…

October 17, Tuesday, Dirk’s Birthday – Still at the Alton Marina

We had planned to leave Alton yesterday morning, but the temperature was in the low fifties after being in the 40s at night, and we weren’t too excited about leaving this nice marina and being cold at the top of the boat all day. And also, our friend Dodie (John’s wife) was returning from a conference  in the afternoon, and if we stayed just one more day I could see her and catch up a bit. So we changed our plans to stay over Monday night.

Monday we did some boat projects, went to town for lunch and gathered other loopers and boaters for simple docktails in the early evening.

As we were telling people our destination for our trip the next day, new looper friends Nancy and Rick (Andiamo) suggested we call and make a reservation as they heard that the marina, Hoppies, might be full for Tuesday night.  And they were! Not being sure of another marina or anchorage in easy distance, we decided we’d have to stay yet another extra day.  We followed the docktails with dinner with Dodie and John plus another couple at restaurant a short walk from the marina.

Tuesday – Dirk’s Birthday – A birthday breakfast at the marina, and later Dodie and John took us to lunch to celebrate his Birthday. Dodie gave him a do-rag/kerchief, hand rag which Dirk put to good use right away.

Later that afternoon Dodie and I went to the pool patio area to enjoy our ukuleles and singing for a few hours. What a joy that was! We said goodbye for now as we won’t see them in the morning, I finished celebrating Dirk’s birthday with some presents and cupcakes, and we are now relaxing in warmth due to the  small electric heater I purchased today for these cold evenings.


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