We Joined the Mighty Mississippi!

October 11, Wednesday From Willow Island to Alton Marina, IL

We woke up to a relatively chilly (52 degrees) and cloudy day. Remember, we are traveling in the open in our fly bridge, so it feels even colder. Much of the trip looked like yesterday’s, but is still interesting along the way.  I like the lift bridge and wondered if the job of sitting up high above the water might be a little boring. And wondered how heavy are the cement blocks that drop to cause the bridge to lift…

And after a lot of river it was nice to see a town with a busy restaurant above the high banks, and nice homes,  and more examples of houses on stilts – you can just imagine the kind of flooding that caused them to be built this way.

After around 20 miles (a little less than 3 hours!) we arrived at mile zero of the Illinois River and the confluence of the Illinois and Mississippi River. This occurs just after Grafton, Il, which is has a well-respected marina that we decided to skip.

Then I saw the Mississippi joining the Illinois (when I looked back) and much wider river going forward.

Now there are beautiful limestone bluffs on the eastern side of the river leading us 16 miles to Alton, which has a very nice marina, a town within walking distance, and a casino reputed to have free shuttles to nearby St. Louis. Now if it would just warm up all will be well.

Oh – notice the roof over all of the boat slips in the marina below. This is becoming normal for some marinas as we head south due to summer heat issues.

One thought on “We Joined the Mighty Mississippi!

  1. Amazing, at least it sure is to this landlubber! Congrats on entering the Mighty Miss, which once transported more commerce than all cross-Atlantic ships combined

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