Last anchorage for a while – Willow Island

October 10, Tuesday from Moores Island to Willow Island Anchorage

We again are tootling down the Illinois River at 8 mph, slowly looking at the scenery (which is a lot the same):  barges and processing plants, occasional houses and, of course, our iphones, but they still get minimal service here.

Some sites that we enjoyed: What seems to be a new restaurant in process, more barges and processing plants, and a plant loading a barge with something white; wonder what it is?

Then the rain began around 11:30. It was a light rain at first, then heavier and getting worse.

Dirk found a place to anchor and thankfully we got inside the boat just before the thunder and lightening began. I made soup for lunch and we grabbed our books. We were still reading when we noticed the rain had stopped so off we went.

Notice the houses or summer homes on silts – the water is very low right now and you can get an idea of how much higher it can be. For example, we went under an 18’ bridge today and our height is 18’2” but we had a foot to spare at least. (41, 42, 43)

As we came closer to our anchorage we finally saw signs of a community along the river at the Kampsville Ferry. It’s a free ferry provide by Illinois to connect two roads and is open 24/7.

Just a mile later we came to our planned anchored behind Willow Island and had a quiet night.

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