Cloudy then Rainy Ride Today

October 6, Friday, from Ottawa to a free dock in Hennepin, IL

It rained last night and was raining for a while early this morning so we delayed leaving until about 10am. We left under cloudy skies with another looper boat, the Andiamo with Nancy and Rick. We needed to go through another big lock about two hours away, and if we are together is makes it more likely we’ll get a chance among all the barges. As it turned out our timing was good this time – we only waiting about 20 minutes before we were able to enter the lock. Another cruiser had been already waiting an hour! The Andiamo is below.


Interesting sites along the river today – on one hand it was more rural and on the other there were interesting scenes of shipping and other industry.  The bridge is called the Abraham Lincoln Memorial Bridge. The other bridge pier is just lovely, left there as scenery I guess after a new bridge was built. We passed the town of Peru – and took a few photos of a town that’s seen better days but still is busy loading and unloading barges.

Tugs and barges continue to get larger.  – We came upon a 3 by 6 combo ahead of us and waited to pass until the captain gave us his ok.


A little after we exited the lock it began to sprinkle and later it was definitely raining with no signs of giving up. Since our flybridge isn’t enclosed we were getting pretty wet but at least it wasn’t cold. Although we might have gone further in good weather we stopped for the night at the first decent tie-up. Its a free town tie-up to a barge that had been embedded in the shoreline- pretty rough but ok for tonight.

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