An extra day in Joliet and now Seneca, IL

October 4, Wednesday, Joliet IL to Seneca IL

We stayed an extra night on the wall in Joliet because the third lock south of here, Marseilles, was closed during daylight hours yesterday and today.  We saw many barges go right by us on the canal going in both directions and an interesting sign that Dirk took personally along the waterfront. The town is full of beautiful 1800’s buildings and has been used as the setting for a number of movies. There was also an amazing mosaic patio on the grounds of the city park where we stayed.

Even though we knew we couldn’t get through the third bridge today, the plan was to get through two of the locks and stay at Spring Brook Marina in Seneca, making tomorrow an easy day to get to Ottawa IL which is reputed to be a nice town to visit with an excellent marina. The first lock was quick but we dropped anchor at the second and waited almost 2 hours for barges to complete their travels.  Along the way we saw many barges, including one filled with coal,  and tugs along the river, some interesting floating cottages, and said “so long for now” as our latest traveling companions moved on to the 3rd lock in hopes of getting through before dark.






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