A Smooth Lake Michigan!

September 21 & 22, Thursday and Friday, South Haven, Michigan to Portage, Indiana

Another beautiful day and we left again before breakfast. Lately I’ve been starting the generator once we are underway and out of the harbor and making my coffee and our ginger oatmeal breakfast once we are on the way down the lake – it’s a little more time-wise. The weather was warm and the lake was calm – just lovely. We made such good time that we kept going toward the next good stop, Marina Shores at Dune Harbor in Portage Indiana.

We were warned when we called the marina that the bridges may be a problem but our Waterway guide said that the bridges on the way to the marina had a 20 foot clearance which is no problem for us. But just in case Dirk went as slow as possible under the first bridge. Good thing he did- the anchor light on the top of the mast cleared the rafters by an inch! (We only need 18’3″- so the book is wrong). An upcoming RR bridge looked even lower so we idled in the channel while I climbed up on the mast braces and used a screwdriver to lower the foot-high anchor light. That worked. You never what the next challenge will be on this adventure.

The marina is nice and has a pool! And we really needed it. It was very hot (90+) but the pool cooled us off before bedtime, and it was hot all day today. We puttered around the boat, did laundry (free!) and relaxed by the pool. And talked with our South Haven looper buddies who arrived here a bit before we did yesterday.

Our only issue is also one of the benefits of this marina – the train station is a very short walk from here and trains come by every 30 minutes or so from 4:30am through midnight, blowing the horn 3 times each time. Good if you want an easy way to get to Chicago, bad for sleeping after 4:30 am for some of us. Maybe I’ll sleep through it tonight.


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