South Haven – we aren’t the last loopers!

September 19-20, Tuesday & Wednesday, Grand Haven to South Haven

As we were leaving Grand Haven a very large red barge with a tug boat attached at the back came noisily down the river and passed by us. It seemed out of place in this setting and we had to wait until it left the channel before we could be on our way. I therefore had a chance to get a few more photos of Grand Haven, which I hear is wonderful in the summer with a huge musical foundation on the hill across the river, but it only runs on weekends now.

The day started out cloudy and we were delighted when some blue sky appeared as we continued heading south on the east side of Lake Michigan. The lake was a bit choppy at first and then smoothed out nicely.

We reached our destination of South Haven by 3:30 which made me happy – we’d have time to see the town with the stores open this time! But it got better – we were directed to a slip in the Municipal marina next to another Mainship trawler, with an AGLCA  looper flag flying. We aren’t the last!

We were talking with Andrea and Jim on their boat ‘State of Bliss’ when a second trawler came into the slip on the other side with Tamara and Kim on their trawler, Cocoa Beach. We all chatted and later got together for docktails and snacks where we told cruising stories for a few hours – many of them embarrassing and funny at the same time. It was a good day and evening.  Since the weather was warm and the big lake looked like it would stay calm enough for a few days, we decided to stay another day in South Haven.

Other two trawlers with ours in the middle…

Today I did a bit of site seeing and shopping and Dirk fixed navigation lights on the boat. Since the marina offers free bike usage I was delighted to take a long ride around the area and then also head to a large store – Meijer – a mile or so away to get a few things we needed. The town is lovely and there is access to the sand beach in so many places – very nice.


Fortunately the town had a marina with a marine supply store where I could pick up some boat light bulbs Dirk needed for repairs. I did some shopping along the way and laughed at another great example of building wall art.

We enjoyed docktails on our sundecks with Tamara and Kim and then went to the imposing looking Clementines Restaurant for a light meal. Although it looked expensive it was quite reasonable and interesting- the interior reflected the fact that the building was originally a bank.


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