The Dunes at Silver Lake

September 16, Saturday and still in the Ludington Harbor Marina

After breakfast when  we were cleaning up, Dirk noticed an organized walk near the dock. It was a walk to end Alzheimers and individuals and teams from local companies were walking to raise awareness and funds to help in research and care. They raised over $40K which was nice to hear.

In the afternoon we drove south to Silver Lake State Park where we heard we could walk up onto some of the huge dunes we’ve been seeing in a distance. From the first State park stop we could see the dunes across the beautiful lake with it’s sandy beach (nice to walk on barefoot).

But then we drove around the lake to the right where the sand dune access was available. We parked and Dirk started walking up the first path he saw – very steep! We resorted to hands and feet for the last part of the trek. It was worth it. Ahead and to our left was reserved for walking, but to the right of us was an area set aside for ORV (off road vehicles). Fun to watch them as well. The blue beyond the trees is Lake Michigan. It was a pretty amazing site that I never expected to see on Lake Michigan.

One thought on “The Dunes at Silver Lake

  1. What an amazing, beautiful area! Astonishing to see huge dunes by an inland lake but of course that was all ocean millions of years ago. A large version of Golden Lake State Park! Slightly larger…!

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