Long, good day to Leland, MI

September 13, Wednesday from Mackinac Island to Leland, MI

I wished we could have spent more than a half day on Mackinac Island, and I took a few photos as we were leaving…

Since we are traveling on Lake Michigan with ever changing weather patterns, we are taking advantage of each good day and going a little further than we normally would if it was the month of August. We really want to be close to Chicago by the 25th so can fly to Florida to celebrate our grandson’s second birthday.  We leave 12 days from now, but the forecast isn’t great. It seems there will be many days when we can’t travel due to uncomfortable winds and waves.

Much of today was out in open water and I sat in the sun looking out at the water. We were amazed how deep the lake is here. In the chart, below the land on the left, the depth reads 489 feet!

As we traveled south on the east side of Lake Michigan we moved into areas of huge sand dunes that are very high cliffs along the water. Where there aren’t sand dune hills the shoreline has sandy beaches – who knew? There are inlets and marinas all along this beautiful coast and it looks pretty wild from a distance. (Note: We chose the east side of Lake Michigan due the wind forecast for the next week or so. Other years the west side would have been necessary but we are so glad it worked out this way for us.)

We arrived in the lovely town of Leland a little after 6:30pm and docked in their fabulous marina with great facilities that look very new.  They even have a large boaters lounge that I took advantage of while waiting for laundry to wash and dry. We walked around town, bought a few groceries, and headed back to the boat for a Thai dinner I whipped up thanks to a handy box of ingredients. It was a short but sweet visit to Leland. Dirk was especially impressed with the accommodations in the marina.

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