Made it to Mackinac Island!

September 12, Tuesday Tolsmaville anchorage to Mackinac Island (pronounced Mackinaw)

Our main goal today was to report into US Customs after we crossed the US border and to get as far across the top of Lake Huron toward Lake Michigan as time allowed. Well, we got lucky. First, as we neared Drummond Island to report in person as is required when returning to the US, we learned the the Customs office was closed except for weekends so  we could check in at Mackinac island (pronounced Mackinaw). After a beautiful few hours cruising we ran into foggy seas near Drummond Island, making for some tricky navigation around islands in the bay.  The sky cleared, we saw interesting clouds, and then  the sun came out and Lake Huron was easy cruising. Very nice! As a result we moved right along and arrived in Mackinac by 4:30 – much better than hoped for.

After getting the boat docked we found the remote US Customs phone on an outside wall of the dockmaster shed (pretty understated), called and got checked in even though the remote camera wasn’t working. Once that was out of the way we had time to walk through town, be amazed by horse and buggy transportation, lots of bikes, and no cars – none!

We walked up to the famous very Grand Hotel, sauntered a bit on the longest veranda of any hotel in the world (they say) and even walked inside a looked around a little (without paying the requested $10/person).

We walked back to town past the sign we had missed on the way in. They are serious about that! Later we had dinner in town, a warm shower at the marinas facilities and relaxed at the boat. A great day!

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