Wandering to North Channel After all

September 9, Saturday – Hope Island to Wright’d Marina, Britt, ON

Dirk was energetic this morning, getting us moving on the water by 7:30 am. Our plan was to head West-North-West to Lion’s Gate, across the width of Georgian Bay. After about 45 minutes of rolling and somewhat uncomfortable travels we rethought our plan. Dirk was concerned that the top of Lake Huron would also be difficult and although the boat could handle the swells, it’s not fun. So we altered course and headed due north, and immediately felt relief since we were now heading into the small waves.

As we moved north we were also moving toward the the eastern shore which provided additional protection. The change in plans means that we will be cruising on the North Channel of the Georgian Bay after all, which is protected from the large bay below it. It’s extra miles, but also extra sights and extra comfort. Here are the improved seas going north and the sparkling seas behind us…

Although the sun was shining nicely, the temperature was still in the low 50’s, so we bundled up. I broke out my parka and knit hat. As we moved north I was able to peruse the guide book we had bought for the Bay and North Channel – now we will need it after all. We identified a likely marina and now we are nicely situated there. We also topped off the diesel and had a free pump out. We arrived around 4:30 – that’s a long day for us!


Boating down the rocky channel to the marina was a treat, as was seeing all sorts of homes built on top of rock.

Wright’s marina has a courtesy car – the first one we’ve seen in Canada I think. We borrowed it to get some groceries, but the store closed just as we arrived at 6pm. However we took advantage of the restaurant upstairs and had a nice meal out – a treat after traveling 9 hours today.

One of my favorite funny, true stories came from the owner of the Wrights marina (it’s small and everyone can see the shore from their boat, and there are picnic tables and chairs along the grassy waterfront.)  The story goes: A group of 4 looper boaters were chatting on his shore in the afternoon, and one of the men remembered he need to fuel up. All the guys grabbed their beers and joined him on the boat while he moved it the to fuel pump (after letting the marina know that he needed fuel). The owner was waiting at the pump to catch the lines as the boat pulled it – but no lines came! They were all guys, used to being the captain and having their wives/partners handle the lines!  Once they realized what happened they felt a little foolish I expect, and maybe more appreciative of what us partners automatically take care of. It’s a great story!


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