Taking a Repair Break

August 23, Wednesday Bobcaygeon to Niagra Falls (in a car!)

Well, another repair is needed to assure that the port engine will  be healthy. When Dirk tested the oil yesterday morning the stick read higher than the day before, which usually means something, likely diesel, is leaking into the oil and diluting it. Gotta be fixed or the engine won’t be properly lubricated, so we called Gord again. He thinks it’ll take a week or so to fix and so we found a slip for the boat in Bobcaygeon,  Dirk thought it would be a good time to head home and check-in, so we took a taxi to Peterborough, rented a car and now are in Niagara Falls, Canada. We’ll go home to Boston for a week before continuing our trip.

Niagara Falls is a treat. We haven’t visited for many years, and although there are more high rise hotels and casinos, the walk along the falls is still green and gorgeous. Good job, Canada! We lucked out with a hotel room with a great view and then walked to the falls.

The crazy side of Niagara Falls with haunted houses and arcades and lights is still there too. Fun to walk through and laugh…

Here are the last shots of the area this morning including other views from the room.


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