To Bobcaygeon and Good-bye to Something Borrowed

August 22, Tuesday, Lakefield to Bobcaygeon

Before we left our quiet lock dock in Lakefield I took an early walk to town. It was quite nice with typical stone and brick store fronts and lovely flowers on the light posts. I also enjoyed watching some ducks on rocks in the river.

There were warnings of rain and thunderstorms for the afternoon so we left early with the idea of getting through some locks before noon. We made it until around 11am when it started to pour just as we arrived at a lock. We tied up and read while we waited it out. At some point Dirk noticed the rain had stopped, and off we went again. Cottages and some Inns were along the shore as we cruised up rivers.

Some time after Youngs Point lock we came to Stoney Lake which lived up to its name with so many small granite islands sporting just one cottage, and many tiny granite islands  strewn about along the way. The island cottages looked so inviting and the church on the granite island is famous in the area.

We needed to stop at a Marina with a prop shop in Buckhorn to pick up our spare pair of propellers that required straightening as the result of an grounding incident long ago in New Jersey.  Crate marina in Belleville sent them here for repair. As Dirk lifted them aboard the rain started in earnest again, so we again sat at the dock for a while and headed out once it stopped.


Although it was another 18 miles to the next lock and it was already after 3pm and the locks stop loading boats at 5:30, we put on our rain gear and left for Bobcaygeon , hoping we’d get through the last locking of the day. The rain gear seems to guarantee that the rain would stop! That’s worked twice now.

We had borrowed a Trent-Severn Guide Book more than a month ago from boating people on “Spunky Joe”, promising to return it to their home port of Bobcaygeon, and so we had a goal in mind. They might have wondered what happened to us since we were about a month late due to all the weather and repair obstacles we’ve encountered. We made it and were happy  to give the book to the lock master who mentioned they had stopped by asking for it. Nice people!

After tying up the boat Dirk noticed a familiar trawler around the corner – Barefoot Lady and John and Dodie! They had stayed an extra day due to the weather and enjoyed the very nice town and shops when it wasn’t raining. We joined them for a Kawartha ice cream run (great ice cream made in Bobcaygeon) and for breakfast the next morning. Hope we see them again in our journey. More on that later…


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