Riding High to Lakefield

August 21, Monday Peterborough to Lakefield ON on the TSW

We were awoken by Gord, the master engine mechanic, at 6:30am! We overslept due to noctural awakeness, but quickly got in gear while Gord replaced the starboard engine water pump. While we still had electricity I decided to pre-make most of dinner in the form of a vegetable stew, and then headed out for a few groceries and stopped at a music store nearby for a Ukulele lesson book to help me learn to pick out tunes and read tabs. I started working with it tonight and it’s a definite challenge. I also found the right size patio rug for the sundeck at a local small store – finally.  Here’s a shot of our boat at the wonderful Peterborough Marina and the new patio rug.


Today was the day our boat went up the Peterborough Lift Lock, from lake level to 65 feet in the air in less than 10 minutes. Amazing.


The weather was wonderful and we enjoyed our travels. Besides the cottages and flowers and decorations at the locks we were also focused on seeing the partial solar eclipse. We were in lock around 2pm and we used a pin hole in cardboard so we could see the shadow of the eclipse. The lock master saw what we were doing and loaned us proper viewing glasses and we were able to see the partial eclipse quite clearly.

We are again docked on a lock wall, and this one is quiet and lovely. There is a nice town within a short walk but we were too tired to visit it tonight but we did walk to the Indonesian (and more) store at the top of the small hill.

On the way up from the boat, up the narrow road to the main road, I saw a library box – a small wooden bookshelf with a glass-windowed door – and looked through the books. One caught my eye because it mention the Ottawa Parliament and library so I picked up and left another book later that day.  (Later update: The book, Best Laid Plans by Terry Fallis, was funny and clever and now I’ll read everything he writes!)




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