Windy Hastings Ontario

August 18, Friday Campbellford to Hastings ON on the TSW

We stopped on our way out of Campbellford to visit their semi-famous bakery, Doohers, which had been mentioned by a number of dock hands. We were told they run out of the most popular items by noon every day. We arrived at 9:30, there was line and they were already out of turnovers. However we did manage to find some special treats and then were on our way.

We had hoped to put in a long day and get to Peterborough where boater friends are staying, but the weather didn’t cooperate. Although it remained partly sunny all day, the wind grew to 15 -20 knots and we were advised by the lock master that the next leg, the 20 miles by 3 miles Rice Lake was going to be a challenge.  We had already struggled with the wind as we went through the lock and my shirt on the deck was blown into the water so we decided to spend the night in Hastings. We are docked across the river from a marina and a festival area where there will be music tonight – hope we like it! The town  center is tiny but there are a number of restaurants and at least 4 places that sell ice cream cones!

Some photos taken along the way today.


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