Transmission and more

August 14, 15, 16 Belleville, ON

I didn’t finish the update on the transmission in the previous post. We lucked out when Gord (master mechanic) dug into the transmission in preparation for removing it – it turned out that the issue was a worn out “dampener plate” – a round plate of metal with springs in it – that had failed. The transmission did not have to be removed and rebuilt – yeah!

IMG_5629Gord found a source and ordered the part Monday and it came on Tuesday. As Gord and his helper began to install it there was an issue – the new part was a bit too big. Actually the previous one was as well, and was just jammed in – but they weren’t going to repeat that mistake. Gord knew of a local machine shop that took off just the right amount the same day, and by the end of Tuesday it fit. Amazing! Dirk took a photo of the engine and the round plate that needed to be replaced.

We’ve also had a manageable issue with coolant in one of the engines – almost every day Dirk has been adding coolant due to a slow leak somewhere. Gord looked at it today and ordered a engine water pump that will fix this as well. Hopefully he’ll install it Monday wherever we are on the Trent Severn, since he lives closer to that area than Belleville. Things are looking up!


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