Literally Hanging Out

August 14, Monday, Crate’s Marina, Belleville

The day has come for the serious boat transmission work. We were warned about an early start, and true to his reputation, Gord was at the boat at 6:30 am to climb into the engine and get at the transmission. The plan was to remove and rebuild the transmission so after removing the oil it was time for the haul out. We also needed to replace a non-operational seacock valve (a valve in an opening through a ship’s hull below or near the waterline that connects a ship’s engine-cooling system to the sea)).

More on the repairs later, but we are encouraged that the work is taking place. We are in good hands.

I took some photos of this nice marina as well. Services and facilities are great – I’m working inside a nice air condition section of the office since the boat isn’t really accessible now.

To be continued…

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