Hanging out in Belleville

August 13,   Sunday, Belleville

Boat work took priority yesterday morning. Uncle Dick de Boer brought his tools and knowledge to our bent gunwale so that he and Dirk could unbend it and pound and screw it back in place. The damage caused by a very rough T-dock in Florida was visible, embarrassing and potentially could have let water in the gaps. It took a few hours, but it looks so much better now. Meantime I did laundry and waterproofed the sundeck roof with some spray bottles we purchased from Canadian Tire. I had to balance on the railings, but it was a calm day and it went on pretty easily.

Cousin Judy came over in the afternoon with Aunt Willy and we headed to the quaint town of Bloomfield, ON in Prince Edward County aka “County or PEC”. I hadn’t realized that PEC is a special area of Ontario, a summer destination as it is surrounded by water and has famous sand-dune beaches I’m hoping to visit. We shopped at a number of stores with unique gifts and clothes, and our reward was the handmade ice cream and sorbet at the end of the stores. Judy’s flavor was S’mores and it tasted like burnt marshmallows. I loved my grapefruit sorbet.

Later Judy, Dirk and I ate Thai at a local restaurant and then, back at the boat, re-taught Judy the fine art of Cribbage! Another victim! I almost beat Dirk – only 5 points away, and Judy wasn’t far behind.


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