Family in Belleville

August 11 & 12, Friday and Saturday, Belleville, ON

As we pulled into the entrance canal to Belleville yesterday, we saw Dirk’s Aunt Willy and Uncle Dick on the docks waving at us – a lovely greeting. Dirk also took a great photo of Wandering Star which he emailed to us later. While we moved along to our marina they drove around town to greet us once more after we docked. We were glad they were’t there to watch because it was tricky with wind blowing and only one engine – a dock hand had to use a marina dinghy like a tugboat to push us in the right direction at one point! They came aboard and saw the boat and then treated us a nice Chinese Buffet dinner. Dirk’s cousin Judy joined us and drove us back to the boat while showing us some of the town as well.

our boat 4

Today I walked to a very nice farmers market next to the town hall and bought some unusual ¬†ingredients for a salad such as green pea sprouts and apricots. I just missed Dirk’s cousin Dick stopping by but he plans on visiting another day. Judy drove us to Canadian Tire where we got some boat essentials and then we enjoyed a special dinner made by Aunt Willy. Uncle Dick took a photo of us enjoying the meal.

dinner with dick and willy



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