Leaving Kingston

August 10 and 11, Kingston to Belleville, ON

Since we hadn’t heard any news about a transmission from Don’s Marine after 3 more days and checking daily, Dirk started calling around in the morning and got a referral to an experienced guy who says he has rebuilt hundreds transmissions. He came to the boat within the hour and is ready to work on it. Since he works out of the Belleville Crate Marina we happily heading there, with one working engine and a broken seacock (which doesn’t seem to matter.)

An interesting drama is occurring in the marina –  the Island Queen which I photographed on our first day is now in dry dock after hitting something big in the water that tore up a propeller and rudder. We aren’t the only boat with challenges!

As we prepared to leave this morning I took a few photos of the yard  including some of the great guys that work there.

We were ready when the bridge opened at 7am and were on our way. I waved goodbye to the Wolfe Island ferry, already bringing people back to mainland, as we set off.

However, once we left the protection of Wolfe Island we got a little surprise. With the wind blowing about 10+ knots, Lake Ontario was a bit wild with 3 and 4 foot waves. When they hit us from the side the boat wobbled unhappily and cups and books on the bridge went flying around. Dirk did his best to manage the boat but we were very happy when the protection of the next island began. When I went below to survey the “damage” (nothing permanent) this is what I saw…  Fortunately that was the worst of it and we made it to Belleville by 4pm. More on that tomorrow.


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