Friends have left the boat…

August 9, Wednesday Kingston to Toronto; Brampton to Kingston

Monica and Shaun had an evening flight out of Toronto so we rented a car and left around 9:30 am so we’d have some time in the big city.  And it is huge! Three hours later we exited the highway north of downtown Toronto and had lunch at an Indonesian fast food cafe (!) on Younge street and then took Younge all the way to Front Street in the heart of downtown Toronto.

Dirk and Shaun wanted to go up the CN tower, but when they discovered there was a two hour wait they called and joined us at the old RR roundhouse.

It was only a few more blocks to Lake Ontario and we had to see what the shore front had in store.  There were a number of tour boats along the dock filling up with tourists, and many people just strolling around and even some lounging in transplanted sand. Just in case a fire rescue boat was waiting at the end of the wharf.

We sadly left Monica and Shaun at the airport and headed to Saskia and Randy’s in Brampton to pick up the rain jackets we left there last week. Double bonus: Besides seeing Saskia and Randy again, Saskia’s brother Herb and wife Linda were also there. And again we were treated to a delicious dinner thanks to Saskia. We hated to leave and had to tear ourselves away to start the 3 hour drive back to the boat. We arrived around 12:30am and slept a bit later the next day.


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