Kingston – Days 3 & 4

August 7 & 8, Monday & Tuesday, Kingston, ON

Monday was a day to catch up and tolerate bad weather while we waited for the engine repair person. We did laundry, walked around town, did jobs on the boat and ate in. Today, Tuesday,  was something else (impatience) since there was still no sign of the mobile marina repair person who said he’d be by last week.

Today, after yummy pancakes with ginger chips for breakfast, we walked a few blocks to the ferry terminal for Wolfe Island, which is at the eastern Lake Ontario entrance to the St. Lawrence Seaway. On the way Dirk pointed to a sign for a street named after a popular Canadian band – Tragically Hip.

Wolfe Island is also the largest of the 1000 islands, but since we only saw a small part of it, we had no idea. Unfortunately the island is now home to many large modern, windmills, which caused Dirk’s cousin Hillary much distress as she owned land of the island and sold it due to the impact of the windmills.



Anyway, we had a ferry nice ride over to the island, walked to the east part of town, and immediately found a wonderful bakery. We explored a bit more and came upon a man painting a mural with General Wolfe on an Inn wall, and wandered on some side roads as well.



We came back to the bakery, really the best I’ve seen so far in our travels. They even had a famous Canadian favorites of Dirk’s – Nanaimo Bars. After enjoying some treats and coffee, we headed back to the ferry as we wanted to see additional areas of Kingston today now that the weather was warm and sunny. On the way we had a great view of the fort we visited with tons of sailboats in the harbor.



We headed to the Kingston Welcome Center and found a sign we helped to complete (see photos), then walked along the waterfront for a while finding historic markers and buildings and a few small museums along the way. We rested at a Yacht Club where even young (5-7 yrs) children were learning to sail in small sailboats, and pre-teens were flying out of the harbor. Imagine trying to herd all those kids!

As we walked we enjoyed all the limestone buildings found around the town and later at Queens University where Monica and I enjoyed the art exhibits at the Agnes Etherington Art Centre. The current exhibit showcased the works of Alan Collier called Across Canada which were landscapes from PEI and Newfoundland to British Columbia. Paintings donated by the patron saint of the museum, Alfred Bader, were astonishing, including at least three Rembrandt’s and a number of other Dutch masters we enjoyed, especially Jan Lievensz.

Some scenes along the walk and the jazz trio…

We all met up again in the Kingston Market Square and had an early dinner at Olivera’s, a restaurant recommended by a boat neighbor. Although they were fully booked, since we were eating early we able to get in without a reservation. Besides a great meal we enjoyed 45 minutes of live jazz!

Tomorrow we head back to Toronto because Shaun and Monica are leaving us. Although it wasn’t the vacation we had hoped to share with them, they’ve been great sports and we’ve all had a good week together. We’ll miss them, that’s for sure.


2 thoughts on “Kingston – Days 3 & 4

  1. Back home now but we had the best time in Kingston. A lovely place to be stuck!!!!! Good company and wonderful rock a bye sleeps who could ask for more. Hope to catch up again farther down the loop. Still waiting to see if I have sea legs. Cheers Monica and Shaun.

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