Good News! Made it to Kingston

August 4, Friday Kingston Mills to Kingston, Ontario – 5 important miles!

The boat mechanics finally arrived at our boat after lunch and  started diagnosing the multiple issues and fixing them! We actually found the needed impeller (for the starboard engine) on board in the parts left by the previous owner, and the generator was fixed as well.  The poIMG_5469rt engine requires a replacement transmission  part unfortunately so that will have to wait until we get to a boat yard.  Fortunately we were able to  travel to Kingston on one engine. Dirk and Shaun were especially pleased we could finally leave and head toward some services.

In the morning before repairs Monica and I walked a mile to Tim Horton’s for treats and to get an additional propane bottle in case we needed to stay another day without electricity. We saw some lovely flowers along the way.

I also took photos of the powerful waters coming down the rapids. Nice ions near there!


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