Some Additional Boat Challenges

August 3, Wednesday, Kingston Mills (still)

We are having fun at the Kingston Mills dock and locks as more Great Loopers and other travelers that we’ve met come through and we catch up. Monica helped with a rafting boat and Shaun enjoys helping boats tie up and  chatting with people on the boats. The weather was mostly hot today so both Shaun and I got out swimming in too.

Monica and Shaun are great at sharing and accepting and staying positive as even more issues surfaced today. Now, in addition to the engine problems, the generator is acting up. It’s all of a sudden too loud and generating a lot of water vapor, so we can’t really use it to cook tomorrow and there is no electricity here.  So then I started washing a few dishes and realized we are very low on water! No water, no cooking-well that’s a little challenge but we can make do. But coffee in the morning? Gotta solve that one! And we will. Dirk and Shaun went to the washroom and came back with hot water for dishes, and did them, so there are solutions to be had. Still smiling!

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