Guests on board!

August 2, Melody Marina to Kingston Mills Ontario

We traveled to Brampton, north of Toronto, and had a great time visiting Dirk’s cousin Saskia and her husband Randy. Great meals, great walks and talks, and successful shopping for supplies as well.

IMG_5449As we went to pick up Shaun and Monica at the airport the next morning we realized they had texted us that their flight had been cancelled and they’d arrive at 5:30pm, not 8:30am. So we called Saskia and spent another nice and productive day in the Toronto area, and all of us stayed the night at Saskia and Randy’s with much appreciation and joy.

After a 3+ hour ride this morning we shopped for groceries, returned the rental car and got an Uber ride to the marina. Finally on the water we headed to the next lock, 15 minutes away. And here we sit. Lock is temporarily closed and we don’t think we’ll make it to Kingston tonight either! Will we ever leave the  Rideau? Of course there are a lot of nice people here and we’ll have a nice evening…

Update: We made it to Kingston Mills after all, but not to Kingston. We only have 4 more locks to go through here, and then the Rideau is complete… tomorrow!




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