Improvements and Knowledge

July 30, Chaffey Lock in Elgin, ON to Melody Lodge & Marina in Seeley’s Bay ON

IMG_5425After enjoying the company and help of Dodie and John for a number of days, we said “so long” and headed to Jones Falls on the Rideau Canal – a little closer to our immediate goal of Kingston.

The port engine that John helped with is working great now. The starboard engine is still a concern so we traveled most of the day without using it.

We FINALLY went through the lock near Joe Holme’s island, and he wasn’t there! I can’t imagine why after expecting us for about 5 days! But I have pictures to prove we finally made it.

When we arrived at the Jones Falls series of 4 locks there was a 45 minute wait before we could even line up, so we enjoyed the company of some folks we met in a previous lock and I had a refreshing swim in the clear lake water. Dirk and I also had a chance to actually help open the manual locks.

While in the locks we received a text from Ian who we met at the Newboro lock and was just checking in. I mentioned we were having engine problems and in one of his lives he was a diesel engineer and he said he would see what he could do to help. Unfortunately the marina we were heading to, Hotel Kenney Marina, lost our reservation and had no place for us, but we found another at a good location closer to the next locks and Ian and Pauline followed us here. After a hour or so, and the use of a coat hanger that Pauline fortunately was able to donate, the most likely cause of the engine problem was found (stuck seacock) which is a relief to at least know.

Tomorrow we’ll try to get through all 7 locks and to our marina in Kingston, and also find a boat mechanic, and rent a car and drive to Toronto. Just another day… sure:)


One thought on “Improvements and Knowledge

  1. Wow, a busy bunch of days after a forced rest! I’m happy that you had a great music night. I keep checking boats at marinas here out of curiosity to see if I can locate a boat similar to yours. There’s lots of boats of all kinds here.

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