Chaffey’s Lock Finally Open

July 29, Saturday Newboro Lock to Chaffey’s Lock, Elgin, Ontario

Since we had no information as of 9am if we’d be able to travel today, we walked around visiting and I took some photos of waiting boats and some lock wall neighbors we met and talked with a while, Ian and Pauline.

Surprise! As we were de-cluttering and cleaning we were told we had a 3 hour window to get through the lock that is 45 minutes away (and already has a line up) and we needed to leave right away! Never moved so fast to get breakables put away, untie the boat and move into the Newboro lock. And then we were on our way, hoping to get through 6 locks today in 3 areas. It was another beautiful day on another lovely lake with many islands, but as we approached Chaffeys Lock lock we noticed a number of houses with their docks under water.

And then the overheating of the engines started again! Two days ago it was just one and now both were running hotter than normal. Dirk managed to keep one or the other going until we could get through the busy lock, which took a while due to the crowds of boats waiting to get through.

We stopped after the lock and discussed next steps regarding the hot engines and it seemed likely that seaweed and grasses had clogged a water intakes. John had suggested that he might be able to help us with that when we talked yesterday, because he is an experienced diver and has scuba gear on board. They were in the next run through the locks and stopped at our request, and John ended up helping us, first by diving under the boat (after the locks were closed) and finding no blockage, and then helping Dirk with tools and encouragement as he worked on the engines and hopefully found the problem – one broken belt.

Jodie and I took a few minutes to walk to an historic Grist Mill which is now an Art Studio, but still has a stream running through the basement! The high waters coming down through the causeway were amazing as we walked back to the boat.

Later we ate a the Opinicon Resort, a historic Inn in Elgin, ON that has recently been refurbished at great expense by the CEO of Canada’s successful  business for online stores – Shopify. The Resort is a 5 minute walk from the lock and they allow overnight lock guests to use their showers and laundry near their own marina (and I did a load). Very nice.Opinicon-1


One thought on “Chaffey’s Lock Finally Open

  1. Now you are in my old stomping grounds! I hope you got some ice cream while you were at Chaffey’s Lock! This was a required excursion for our kids :). Too bad you need to rush through the next locks – these lakes are beautiful. Enjoy Opinicon and Sand Lake :).

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