Locks Still Closed, But Visited Joe Anyway

July 26, Wednesday, Portland Ontario

The locks we must pass to be on our way were closed today again(!), but the day turned out well. Early in the day I walked to the small town of Portland to get Canadian stamps for postcards I’ve wanting to mail for a while and was surprised that the stamps for a postcard to the US are $1.20 each!

We learned that we’d have to move our boat to a different slip since they hadn’t planned for us another day, and during the move we saw that our home-area neighbor Joe Holmes came by again. He watched the fun of us docking into a tight space and then he drove us to his boathouse in Elgin so we could finally see his island.

What a wonderful place to spend time camping and swimming and boating! He showed us around and we hiked up and down the island. It measures only an acre from the air, but seems larger due to the elevations. Joe also took us in his motor boat to an island with a huge eagle nest at the top of a pine tree where we saw, at a distance, a young eagle and one of its parents in separate trees. We later ate in another favorite town in the area, Westport, and Joe dropped us back at our boat.



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