Stop, Start, Stop!

July 25, Tuesday, Edmunds Lock to Portland ON.

This morning we were first told we’d need to stay at the Edmunds Lock for another day at least. Sigh! I took a walk and there is nothing but farm land nearby, but we’d be ok.

Later the lock master made some calls and now we were allowed to travel about 25 miles south, but still not as far as our friend Joe’s island. Will we ever get there?

The double locks at Old Slys were lovely, but when we got there we were told the low bridge wasn’t working so we’d have to wait until it was fixed! Fortunately the engineer arrived soon after, it was fixed and off we went to Smith Falls.

The first Smith Falls lock combined 3 previous locks and raised our boats about 30 feet. I liked the big Canada 150 sign on the lock office.

The pathway out of Smith Falls was narrow for a while. And then we came to beautiful Rideau Lake. Open, deep, clear waters. What a great trip down the lake.

We headed to a marina in Portland, Ontario as it is time to get fuel and a pump-out and we decided to stay the night. We are also appreciating  wifi and electricity for a change. Len’s Cove Marina also has rental cabins and there are families that have been coming here for 50 years! Our boat neighbors, Ann and Martin, invited us to join them for a BBQ diner including steak – Dirk was delighted and I loved the roasted veggies and potatoes.

We may have to wait another day before heading south depending on the waters… we’ll see what tomorrow brings but as usual, today worked out fine.

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