Traveled After All

July 24, Monday Merrickville to Edmunds Lock near Smith Falls

Yesterday’s rain was predicted to last all day, but it stopped a little before noon. After about a half hour we decided to take a chance and get moving again, and try to get to Smith Falls which was about 6-8 miles and 5 locks away. We had errands to run there and were hoping to get them done at the end of a day of travel.

So off we went in weather that looked ok at first. We enjoyed waiting for a river cruise boat at the Kilmarnock lock. The Rideau river cruise boat is built with a bow that can be raised so the boat fits in the locks . We’re told they have 35 cabins and the tour lasts 5 days and the passengers we talked with gave it a thumbs up.


The sky grew increasingly darker, until it began to rain in earnest. We had our serious rain gear on, so our clothes weren’t wet, but we were being sprayed by rain and our guides and ipad were getting wet. We stopped for the next lock and decided to stay there until the rain let up, but were soon told that we needed to remain there for the night due to the high water in the canal.Well, that’s the bad news.

IMG_5322But the good news is that our friend from home, Joe Holmes, was shopping in Smith Falls, about 10 minutes away, and found the lock and helped us with our errands in town! Joe owns a small island further south on the Rideau Canal and we have been planning to visit him there, but it seems increasingly hard to get there!


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