Ottawa to Long Island Locks

July 22, Saturday

We are heading south on the Rideau Canal from Ottawa to Kingston Ontario, a 4-5 day journey. Starting today there are 41 locks to go through and we traversed 8 locks today with one set being three in a row. Each one takes time and energy, but is always interesting. There are usually tourists watching and asking questions and also fellow boaters for swapping stories. (I’ve included enough lock photos in previous posts so no more until something spectacular appears).

The Rideau Canal is suburban looking so far, with bike paths, beaches and nice homes and a few cafes along the way.

We are anchored out in a neighborhood area. It was pretty busy with boats flying by in the early evening, and now we hear a band across the river, but is peaceful otherwise.  Three para-gliders came by – and one guy loved flying low.

That’s it for today!

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