Last day in Ottawa – Part 2

July 21, Friday Ottawa

Dirk enjoys airplane museums large and small, and so after I thoroughly enjoyed the mosaic plants exhibit we headed to the Canadian Aeronautic Museum via a Uber ride. I was immediately interested in the goings on there, because two mechanic monsters were being prepped for next weekends big events, and we got to see them being tried out. The monster robotic spider required 12 people in climbing gear to be raised about 100 feet in the air and repel down a rope to land on the huge mechanical spider, take seats and make the legs move!

The other monster that will walk the streets of Ottawa is a dragon. I learned that most of it’s exterior was carved wood, both for  effect and because it is lighter weight. I did get to see the dragon move a little and blink its eyes. Note the two people on the dragon working the controls.

While I was watching monsters and shopping in the museum store, Dirk had a tour of  a large building full of airplanes not displayed in the main museum. We then looked through the main museum together. I especially enjoyed this airplane museum because the excellent overviews of the planes and how and when they were used. These put the people factor into the exhibits, making the museum interesting for me too.

After  leaving the museum as it closed for the day, we enjoyed a great meal at an Indonesian/Malaysian restaurant nearby. We then headed back to the Ottawa Parliament for another grand performance on the lawns, this time also including an American Marine band and a German naval band as well as a large bagpipe “band” and the Canadian Honor Guard band. We were standing next to their exit from the field

And finally, good night and good bye to the Parliament and Ottawa.

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