Ottawa – Another great day

July 21, Friday, Ottawa

This is a wonderful city and we are in a great place to experience it, right in the heart of the historical and old town shopping areas. I started the day by heading to the Weston Hotel only about 2 blocks away to finish yesterday’s blog and charge up the laptop since we still didn’t have electricity.

I checked in with Dirk after an hour and he was working on replacing the boat 30 amp socket. (Turns out we needed a new socket, not a panel after all.)  By the time I returned with breakfast he was done – we have electricity again! I was reviewing a traveling guide on the sundeck and heard marching music behind me. And there was the Canadian marching band and regiment, heading for the morning color guard at Parliament! Dirk decided to march with them up to Parliament!


After he returned we walked back down to the locks and the Ottawa river to take a water taxi across the river to Gatineau on the Quebec side – great way to travel.

I wanted  to see the fascinating Mosaicultures in the Jacques-Cartier Park, “the biggest horticultural event in Canada”. Mosaiculture is a spectacular horticultural technique that combines 3 art forms: sculpture for the structure, paint for the palette of colors, and horticulture as the means of creating living and changing artworks with plants. The surface of each of the 40 “arrangements” was a combination of plants, flowers and mosses to provide the texture and color.  Many sculpture-arrangements were themed around the Canadian Providences and were focused on fantasy and nature. Some of my favorites follow.

Anne of Green Gables and the train she came in on…

Lobster Fisherman and Royal Canadian Mounted Police

First Nation Drumming and Chinese contribution to the exhibit:

And Mother Earth, surrounded by her creatures…

Well, needless to say I was enthralled and impressed with the skill needed to even create any one of the smallest of these green statues/mosaicultures.

The day isn’t over;  we then went to the Canadian Air Museum, had a great Indonesian dinner and went back to Parliament for more marching bands.  But more on that in the next post.







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