Carillion Lock and Montebello

July 17, Monday, from Carillion to Montebello, Quebec

Today it was our turn to travel up the 70 foot high lock. We tied up to another boat and chatted during the rise, but I made sure to take more photos. How many tons of water flowed into the large lock so we could rise up 70 feet?

And the we reached the top and were on our way.

We traveled up the Ottawa river heading west, first under clouds, then a little rain for a while and finally the sun came out. Summer again! We headed to Montebello, Quebec, a historical area as it was the home of Louis Joseph Papineau, a leader of  Lower Canada (Quebec) Patriots protests against Britain in the 1830s and 40s. He is a hero in this area and there is a town nearby named for him. His beautiful estate (grey buildings and chapel) is connected to the Chateau Montebello Hotel and Marina grounds where we stayed for one night.

Chateau Montebello was built as an exclusive club around 1930 and is reputed to be the largest log cabin building in the world. It has a massive main lobby connected to additional log buildings and serves hundreds of visitors. It is impressive to see inside and outside.

Guests at the marina can share the comforts of the hotel (owned by Fairmont now) and so we swam in the pool, used the hot tub, and enjoyed the grounds. The showers were the best ever! It was an expensive stay ($3.50/foot I think (Canadian)) but worth it for a very special treat.


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