St. Lawrence Seaway / Fleuve Saint-Laurent

July 14, Friday, Day 95, St.Ours Quebec almost to Montreal on the St. Lawrence Seaway

With help and advice from neighboring trawler owners, we easily removed our boat from a tight spot on the dock and  headed to the great seaway. The St. Lawrence Seaway is wide and impressive and we were fortunate the river was calm. We are traveling upstream to Montreal, so we have the current pushing against us. Fellow loopers told us about a small craft channel we could use which has less current and that helped us move along.

As usual there were some nice homes to see along the river, but only with binoculars, (which I dropped awhile back so only the right eye works!). As we approach a low island in the river we notice a strong smell – the island is home to many hundreds of seagulls, floating, flying, swirling around and screeching.


IMG_4819As you may notice from the photos the skies darkened  as we went along, and it started to rain a few hours earlier than predicted. Dirk noticed  an anchored sailboat nearby and we decided that was the best place to be versus traveling another 5 miles in the rain to get closer to Montreal.  It started to rain, but just as we got everything inside including us there was lightening and loud thunder. Now the rain has stopped and we’ll continue on toward Montreal tomorrow.


3 thoughts on “St. Lawrence Seaway / Fleuve Saint-Laurent

  1. I see Dirk is in his fleece. It has been cold here at home… barely 60 degrees. Summer is predicted to return tomorrow… we’ll send some to you!

  2. Pat and Dirk, nice to see pictures of a different part of the Fleuve Saint-Laurent. Please send me your cell phone numbers so I can contact you to coordinate visiting Crown Island on the Rideau Canal.

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