St. Ours Quebec

July 13, Thursday, St.Ours Quebec still on Richelieu River

It was about 55 degrees this morning, cloudy and a little rainy but we knew we needed to get moving. Dirk had a Canadian map SD card for the Garmin sent to marina in St.  Ours and we needed to arrive before they closed the office. We got ready and headed across the Chambly Basin back to the the northern section of the Richelieu River.

There were a many nice homes and even farms along the river today, and small and larger marinas as well. One thing that stands out here is that all the pontoon party boats, such as those very popular on Lake Boon, all are fully covered for rain and wind protection. Not a surprise given the temperature today!

We had a little excitement coming up to a railroad bridge – it was low and we didn’t see an opening, and then it turned out to be narrow with a fast current. A little rush for us!

We also saw many churches right along the river, some right across the river from each other. I was thinking this is a rural area but given the size of these churches we may just not see enough from the river to appreciate the size of the towns we are passing.

We arrived at the marina and got settled with only a bit of a challenge fitting into a too small space for our boat, but no boat was injured in the docking. Also the weather had improved and the fleece came off! The marina is called a “campground marina” because it has a large vacation trailer park above the water with trailers that look permanent, and lots of families. There is also a nice restaurant which we enjoyed while we had fun trying to make ourselves understood. Dirk’s Parisian French doesn’t work  that well here but no matter, some English speakers came around to help when needed.

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